House Points

All pupils are assigned to a House on joining the school. The Houses are named after local hills and are Coombe (Blue), Bacombe (Red), Boddington (Green) and Haddington (Purple). House points count for the House, as well as for the individual – a communal as well as a personal effort.  House point cards are available in every classroom. When the house point sheet has been completed, it is placed in the relevant House box in the school hall.

Each year group have a series of House Point certificates that they can work towards.  Each certificate requires a certain number of house points to obtain the certificate. (please see attached) All certificates are awarded in Commendation Assembly on Friday morning. 

Our house captains (elected each year from year 6 children) have the opportunity to help organise inter-house competitions.  Sports Day is held each year involving all children in a competitive, inter-house athletics competition, with the house relay races being the culmination.