Your School

The school gates open at 8.40am but are closed at 8.50am.  If you come to school after 8.50am please enter via the office who will book you in in case you miss registration.

School closes at 3.30pm.

Things you might like to know about Wendover Junior School:


  • Everyone has their own locker.  The lockers are big enough to hold a small bag/rucksack, coat and PE kit. Each locker measures 418mm x 250mm x 279mm (internal dimensions)


  • At break time you are allowed to eat fruit as a snack.


  • PE Kit, including trainers, should be in school at all times.


  • If it’s raining/snowing when you come in to school there are coat racks to hang your coats on and storage benches for wellies.


  • Lost property is kept in the medical room.  Please name everything.  If items are named they can be returned to lockers or classrooms.


  • You don’t need a pencil case in school.  The school supplies pens, pencils and materials needed on a day to day basis.


  • If you are too poorly to come to school a parent should ring and leave a message on the school phone.  If we do not receive a phone call then your absence will be recorded as unauthorised.


  • We do not allow chocolate bars or fizzy drinks in lunch boxes.


  • Earrings are permitted but should be removed or taped up for PE. The tape should come from home please.


  • We encourage every child to have a water bottle in school.  These are kept in your classroom and can be accessed throughout the day.


  • If you have long hair you must wear it up.