Recovery Curriculum

The last 18 months has been a very different and challenging time for everyone. All children have experienced a change to the way that they learn - namely that they have been learning remotely for significant periods of time. Despite everyone's best endeavours, children have been affected by this.
Children may have been affected in different ways:
  • They may be less confident about certain aspects of a subject;
  • Their understanding may be less developed in certain areas;
  • They may be less resilient when faced with a challenge;
  • They may have shorter concentration spans;
  • Their gross or fine motor skills may be less developed - children may find it more tiring to write;
  • They may have anxiety about life and school - particularly if they are medically vulnerable or if there are vulnerable people at home;
  • They may have less aspiration than before the pandemic.
Our Recovery Curriculum is designed to allow everyone to flourish by the time they leave us for their next phase of education. We have thought very carefully about our curriculum and the support we can provide for children, taking on advice and guidance from relevant external bodies. We are using a wide range of strategies that fall into three bands: teaching, targeted Academic support and wider strategies.
We continue to provide termly written updates in autumn and spring, with an end of year report in the summer term. There are formal opportunities each term for meetings with the class teacher. Regular review meetings are held between the SENDCo and parents who have children with additional needs. If you wish to contact your child's class teacher of the SENDCo, please email