Year 6 Residential 2023

Monday 19th June
6:45am - All boarded and on their way to Wales
8:45am - Breakfast stop at Leigh Delamere
9:30am - Breakfast done.....Onwards to Wales
13.30 - Children have arrived safely in Wales.
          - They are off to sort out their rooms and have some lunch all ready for an afternoon of activities.
22:30 - Children had a fun afternoon, camp is now settled and quiet!
Tuesday 20th June
8:25am - After a good nights sleep, children are just waiting for breakfast then a full day of activities.
12:30 - Glorious sunshine in Wales today. Children have had fun doing their morning activities. They are now having lunch and a bit of down time!
16:15 - Children are enjoying their afternoon activities in the sun which will be followed by some dinner at 17:30 and then onto some dry land activities for the evening.
Wednesday 21st June
10am - Another successful nights sleep. Today's activities are all underway and the children are having lots of fun!
16:30 - Despite having heavy showers all afternoon in Wales, all our activities went ahead.
Thursday 22nd June
9am - Another good night, all children are sleeping well, looking forward to last full day of activities
17:00pm - Last activity completed in the sunshine! Children are looking forward to their Disco this evening. Then it's time to pack up their things ready for the return journey home tomorrow.
Friday 23rd June
8:45am - Coaches are collecting us at 10am this morning. We anticipate being back at school at approximately 6pm, depending on traffic; the school office will keep you updated on our progress and inform you of any changes to our arrival time.
10:20am - Coaches are loaded and are just leaving the activity centre. An ETA will be given once they have stopped for lunch.
12:00 - The journey back has been a very quiet one so far.
14:00 - Due to heavy traffic, the coaches have just stopped for lunch
14:45 - ETA update 5PM
16:30 - Journey is going well - ETA remains 5PM