Vision & Ethos

Through living our Christian values, everyone at WCEJS has the opportunity to flourish. 

We nurture the curiosity to learn, the courage to lead and the compassion to care.

Building solid foundations (Matthew 7: 24-27)

 Respect          Responsibility          Reflection          Resilience        

Our Christian vision is firmly rooted in biblical teaching: just as the parable encourage Christians to build their lives on the word of God, we want our children to learn the virtues of curiosity, courage and compassion whilst living our values of respect, responsibility, reflection and resilience (these are the tools that help us to achieve our vision).  in doing so, they will develop a strong sense of well-being, self-worth and spirituality.  We want all of our pupils to flourish, being ambitious and developing the skills and dispositions for lifelong learning.

Children are encouraged to be curious about themselves, others, the world and what lies beyond (these four aspects form our model for spiritual growth). They will have the courage to share their thoughts and feelings, developing as leaders who enact positive change. Children will show respect for each other and the environment, demonstrating compassion through their actions.  They will develop a strong growth mindset, reflecting on their endeavours and becoming more responsible for their own learning.

As a Church of England school, we place great importance on extending our curriculum beyond the purely academic. Children will develop a strong knowledge and skills base, and be able to apply this successfully to less-familiar situations.   Children will be able to make informed choices to keep themselves safe, sustain learning and enable them to make a positive contribution. 

Our restorative approach to behaviour management is based on reflection and forgiveness.  We acknowledge that everyone is capable of making mistakes and that we learn best in a caring, supportive environment.