Staff structure

Year 3 Team

Miss Katie Stewart - Year Leader, 3W

Mrs Maryam Amjad - Year Leader, 3S

Mrs Gail Simpson - 3J 

Mrs Crystal Poulton - 3S (Maternity Leave 2020/2021)

Year 4 Team

Mrs Rachel Stanley - Year Leader, 4W 

Mrs Sarah Miles - 4J

Mrs Gill Bennett - 4S (Tuesday to Friday)

Mrs Joanna Cook - 4S (Monday)


Year 5 Team

Mr Daryl Slade - Year Leader, 5W

Mrs Estie Edwards - 5J

Mrs Carolyn Beale - 5S (Wednesday to Friday)

Mrs Joanna Braid - 5S (Monday to Tuesday)

Year 6 Team

Miss Jemma Davidson - Year Leader, 6W

Mr Dominic Blaker - 6J

Mr Bruce Kirk - 6S

Mr Simon Newnes - 6C